10 Questions to Ask Why Social Media Not Working for You

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Have you ever heard of “social media suck”? Social media isn’t working for us! Social media is just a waste of money! Or maybe you are the one who thinking that social media doesn’t work for you because after you have invested a lot of time and effort, following a lot of folk, retweet many posts from others, try to expose yourself everywhere on every discussion but you still seeing no result.

Social Media Networks

Social Media Networks

But, have you ever wonder why social media does work well for other individuals and many companies out there. May be you have done something wrong? It now is a good time to reconsider your social media strategies and think of what you have done that might have caused the damage of your personal brand or prevented you from being a successful social media marketer.

1. First and most important (for me) are you having your goal and plan for action? You can’t just follow someone’s plan although he/she is the most successful social media marketer. The best practice is to learn their way and implement to be yours.

2. Are you a social media jerk who have to covering your face and use a fake name when talking to someone? Ask yourself, will you believe someone whom you didn’t know the face and never meet in person?

3. Are you someone who talks without thinking? You know that sometimes is better to shut up than trying to join the conversation if you have less knowledge about the topic otherwise the others will see you as spammer.

4. Are you only promoting yourself and focused on selling your products? There is nothing wrong with that but put in mind that nobody needs another salesman knocking on their door.

5. Are you engaging and helping others? I know that social media tools are good to reduce the workload and help managing social media accounts but you will also need to create the real conversations with real human being to get other notice about you. And as much as you give help to others as much as you will get the help back. Make sure to not ask for the help from someone you just met, it will only make them scared about you.

6. Are you in the wrong place? To be able to determine whether you are in the wrong place or not you will need to really understand the network and know your target audience. Concentrate on just 2 or 3 social media networks where your prospects are don’t get overwhelmed by many social sites out there.

7. Are you follow and retweet everyone’s tweet without checking their profiles and the link of your retweet? Personally, I am also follow everyone who are following me but to retweet any of their tweet, I will click through to the page and see whether there is any useful info or just a product selling page. However, I will also retweet product sales page if I see it’s useful and other may need it and it must be fit with my Twitter theme. For example, I will not retweet “lcd tvs for sales” on @samui_art as well as not retweet “20% oil paintings for sale” on @digitalhdtv.

8. Are you doing social media wrong as Chris stated here?

9. Are you having social media bookmarking and sharing tools in place where is easy for your audience to bookmark and share your content? There are many social plugins available for WordPress but when you install it on your blog, you have to check and view it on every browsers and make sure that there is nothing wrong with its design especially on Internet Explorer. You may easily use browser tool like browsershots.org to view your blog on every browser all at once.

10. Are you currently implementing any of these 8 hot social media tips from eight industry experts in your social media marketing plan? If not, go and check them out, select the one you can use the success will come your way soon.

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