10 Ways to Use Social Media to Drive Quality Traffic to Your Blog or Website

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10 Interesting Social Media Methods

In this era, social media has exploded that made every business joining a diversity of many networks to gain relevant and quality traffic. Distinguishing this noteworthy impact that social media now plays in generating consciousness for any services and products, chances to take benefit of a new and prevailing social media content advertising technology to attract greater and more quality traffic is very competitive.

Common social media marketing networks include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, blogs, Flickr and YouTube. Always remember that Social media marketing is a commitment with online communities to generate spotlight, prospects and sales. The main advantage is making exposure for your business, followed by mounting quality traffic, and building new business joint ventures.

But with so many businesses competing for the leads, what do you need to do to win? Below are 10 ways to help you with your social media campaign in driving quality and targeted traffic.

1. Create your own stunning video for your social media profile and make it viral on Youtube and to many video website communities.

2. Boost the number of backlinks through Social Bookmarking. Utilized only the top social media bookmarking sites such StumbleUpon, Digg, Delicious, and Linkedin.

3. Make use of Content Sharing Sites and Syndications to carve up information about your products and services with your consumers.

4. Sign up for Google reader and Google Alerts, let Google send you the newest blogs and start blog commenting through sharing helpful tips and advices to your potential consumers.

5. Niche branding and customizing your Facebook fan page. Be creative by using attractive logos and photos. You may incorporate your viral video here too.

6. Newest social media tactic is by using Quick Response code to engage your fans. This will help your business grow and propagate to various digital technologies.

7. Get going with a social media contest like picture tagging contest, top likes contest, most tweeted contest or a random selection contest, etc. This will help you gain traffic from the participants.

8. Use Social Media Tools to create social media page and groups like HTML generators and FBML generator for Facebook.

9. Join to Social Media Blogging communities that will help you out in your promotion to various blogs around the web.

10. Search on Google for about the top trending websites on your niche and then join their communities. For Facebook, be friend to the members and build a relationship to them. Your competitor’s audience are targeted users that will probably be your best leads. But be careful and don’t mess up. Do the same thing to Twitter and other social media sites.

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