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9gems RM managementThere has been an explosion of social media recently which has resulted in the people expressing their opinion freely. As a result, competitors, former employees or users of your products or services can write negative reviews which can damage your reputation on the market. The maintenance of a good reputation is considered important for attracting customers. Anything which tarnishes your image means potential customers being pushed away.

You can simply type in your company name follow by “review” or “reviews” or “good” or “bad”, etc. on Google search. The results probably surprised you. There may be some bad reviews or negative feedback from your former employees, competitors or previous customers who had bad feeling about your business.

Can these bad images taken off? Of course, we can. In our online reputation management services, we overlook your brand reputation over the internet while let you relaxing your mind. Our techniques include, we monitor and measure the talks about your brand online. And if necessary we will interfere in the conversations and streamline them into a positive post. This means we sense that some forums or conversations might prove to be negative and provide a bad rate ranking, we therefore shape that conversations in your favor. And though we don’t have the power to remove the uploaded bad content but we can use search engine optimization together with social media marketing to build up a positive image of your company on the internet.

Following is a brief summary of what we will do to protect and grow your reputation online.

With 9Gems eBusiness reputation management services, we’ll populate the search results with positive links, pushing the negative results to page two, three and beyond… into oblivion.

Our reputation management team specializes in helping large companies restore their online brand and protect them from possible attacks. We do two steps method:

1. Combative reputation management: Respond to reputation damaging information so your business’s good name is restored.

Should you discover your company’s reputation has already been attacked, we can help. While content that has been published online is almost impossible to delete, we can make it invisible. By pushing negative content far into search engine results, they end up on pages where no one looks. And once they are on these pages, they lose credibility because they are nowhere near the first pages of results.

More than just hiding these negative, damaging results, our combative reputation management ensures they don’t become viral. We stop it right in its tracks.

2. Preventative reputation management: Protect and preserve your business’s good name.

With preventative reputation management, our expert team of SEO specialists will monitor your brand and company, including your SEO, marketing campaigns, competitors, and any developing news stories, daily. We track what is being said about you online and across the social media world. We monitor over 100 social media outlets, including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google, Digg and FriendFeed.

An in-depth analysis of your internet marketing campaign makes ensures you are driving the right visitors to your site.

In addition to tracking your brand’s online status, our reputation management expert team also identifies and creates positive content relating to your company and positions this content high in search engine results. With our reputation management, the first impression your target audience has of your company will be a good one.

By filling the top search results with positive links, you prevent anyone from getting negative content in front of your target audience. 9Gems E-Business reputation management specialists use blogs, social media sites, videos, news releases, wiki sites, and micro sites to ensure your company’s online reputation remains solid.

Because the Internet is constantly evolving, we are ready to shift our strategies as needed to ensure your money is being used for the most beneficial reputation management techniques.


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