Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing to make your website work harder and better for your business.

search engine optimization & search engine marketing

In the world today a large percentage of people turn to the internet for their various needs. According to statistics almost 75% of all shoppers read reviews of the products via the internet before they buy a product whether online or from a brick or mortar showroom. The most read content about the products is the one that is among the first few results of a search engine.

Hence to make a business successful it has become very essential to have a considerable web presence and that in more than one ways means that the webpage ranks high in SERPs. This particular practice of making a website recognizable by the search engines in a way that it ranks high is known as search engine marketing. When the website shows up in top results, it will get more traffic which leads to more sales and revenue. So in today’s business scenario search engine marketing is very important for success.

There are various search engine marketing techniques which if applied correctly are bound to give you desirable results. Before going in detail about the techniques you need to know briefly how a search engine works. Google, Yahoo and MSN are the most widely used search engines. When you are looking for anything on the internet you type a relevant phrase or a word in the search bar. The search engine Data bases have copies of millions and millions of web pages.

As soon as you press enter the search engine sends a web spider, which is the name for an automated script, over the internet. This spider feeds on the specific word or phrases. The spider goes through millions of web pages in a matter of seconds and picks up the ones that are rich with the relevant word or phrase. Keep in mind here nothing else but “words”.

Once these pages are in the search engine processing area, a particular algorithm is applied to them (each search engine has its own secret formula) which further shortlists the pages and the most relevant make it to the top of the results.

Now here is where the search engine marketing techniques come in. You design your website in a way and load it with relevant text in a manner that the spiders dig in and the search engine recognizes it as most relevant. SEO or Search engine optimization is the basic search engine marketing technique. It emphasizes on loading your website with content that is relevant and has the incorporation of the most appropriate keywords.

When the key words are placed in the right places in the right content, there is no reason why your website will not be in high SERPs. Creating internal links and back links to your website is also very important. Blogging and social media networking are becoming very important tools of search engine marketing. You can also use the pay per click advertising method. Keep in mind that it is very important to manage the reputation of your site. You have to keep your website updated to ensure that the customers keep coming back to you.


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