Social Media Marketing Techniques

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Importance of Social media marketing

social media marketing

Social media marketing is a marketing technique that markets your products and company through social media websites. These social networking sites enable you to share content like photos, statuses, videos, messages and let you communicate and interact. This marketing methodology is more dynamic as compared to the traditional marketing techniques used by companies. The most famously used social media networks are Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Linkedin, Digg, etc.

Any company can choose to incorporate a single social media marketing technique or to combine the benefits of a variety of social media marketing techniques. The first step in implementing social marketing techniques is to understand what goals you want to achieve. Some of the top goals that companies go after are that they need to increase their sales, or they simply need exposure, or the most common of all, they need more traffic directed towards their own base site.

Social media networks are the single most powerful platform for social marketing. By applying the right strategy, you can interact with just the right people and interact with them. You can start viral videos, and get back links.

The simplest form of implementing social media marketing is by tagging article entries and blog submissions and by voting on several articles on social networks like Digg. You can find a “Vote” or “Share” widget at the end of the articles. This is a automatic type of marketing and there s often very little implementation to do. On the contrary, it is very effective to promote your blog or article entries.

It is now no longer just a way to pass your time, but having a profile on social networks site is quite essential for making a social impact. These websites give a person the freedom to spread the world to the target market and also interact with the customers live. This is a great and cheap starting point for any marketing strategy.

We hear everyone talking about the social media marketing. We know that it is effective but to which extent? It this hype actually for real? Let’s have a look at the statistics. There are currently more than 400 million users which actively participate on Facebook. Also, there is an addition of half a million new users daily. This is more than the population of the whole of Germany. Similar are the stats of the other social media websites.

Traditionally there were concepts of B2B and B2C marketing. But with the coming of these social media sites, people buy from people directly. They no longer buy from people. Initially you need to put in a little effort to stream line things but after that you will only require a few minutes daily. You can automate the system of updating your Facebook and Twitter accounts by updating your blog entries on a daily basis. In the start, try to standardize your brand on the top three social media websites like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. This will give it consistency and make a base for your brand promotion.

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