The Basics of Search Engine Optimization and Its Rewards

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Search Engine Optimization has become very popular these past years as the guaranteed way of creating a website in order to gain higher ranking on the search engines. The creation of a website that is specifically made for the search engines can certainly guarantee the greatest benefits for your business and has become a proven technique that paved the success of many businesses and there is no doubt that it can also put you at par with the established names in the industry through the tried and proven techniques of Search Engine Optimization.

According to SearchEngineLand, search engines still holding well as a strong search instrument for web searcher as about 42%-86% of the websites searched are found thru it and that can be credited to the effective use of the keywords that are highly searched by the web users but has low website competitors.

How to find that type of keywords? Well, that is how SEO come to play its roles.

Types of Search Engine Optimization Services:

Search Engine Optimization has different types of services that can be adapted accordingly to suit all types of businesses which can be classified mainly into two categories namely on-page optimization and off-page optimization.

1. On-Page Optimization

On-page optimization is a method of altering the contents of your website in a way to please the search engine algorithm so that your website will top placement on major search engines’ first page for the desired keyword. It includes keyword analysis, web design, website coding (PHP, HTML, ASP, etc), keyword-rich content, optimization of title and META tags, etc.

2. Off-Page Optimization

Off-page optimization is the execution of subject-based link building techniques that will result to the development of the link popularity of the website and improve reputation for the business. Off-page optimization also ensures that the most relevant links will be connected to your website to get the most advantages of natural link building.

The types of SEO services for your business site may have some distinct differences so it is important to know that these two techniques must work side by side as it will not be as effective without the other.

SEO Link Building Strategies

SEO Link Building

The objective of Search Engine Optimization is to bring your website to the top of search engine ranking and receive more free traffic from them. To be able to achieve that, SEO link building strategies are playing important part in it and you need to make sure that you are able to build links and connect to the good ranking websites so that you can also benefit from the attention that they are enjoying.

There are different ways to build links and it is important to be assured that the links that you will create has the greatest relevance and that can be achieved thru the following ways:

1. Content optimization: There is a well-known saying among SEO specialists that “content is king linking is queen” and you will surely achieve the most benefits of “king content” if you are producing up-to-date and relevant content that will definitely earn the attention of the search engines thru press releases, posting on blogs, article marketing, and feed aggregation.

2. Blog and forum commenting: You can create links from blog commenting and posting, profiles, and forum signatures. These methods work best if you are able to connect with specific niche blogs or forums that can go with your business theme.

3. Reciprocal links: You need to make sure that you will go for the topic relevant sites and build links thru partnerships and exchanges. High authority relevant sites will allow you to take advantage of links the best way.

4. Social bookmarking: this is the way to connect with different social medial pages and bookmarking sites and it can be done easily using the best keyword and anchor phrases.

5. Competitive analysis: this is an effective link building strategy that can carefully assess the chance of your keyword to rank amidst the other competitors thru the utilization of relevant information about their backlinks and the kind of Search Engine Optimization strategies that worked well for them.

6. Five Link Building Strategies That Work from CopyBlogger.

7. 50 Traffic Sources You Should Milk Like Crazy which can also produce great back links.

The Rewards of Search Engine Optimization

Global business perspective: search engine optimization is the most effective way to help you to reach your target market worldwide by using solid search keywords that will bridge you closer to the people who you want to cater to.

The advantage of increased visibility: with many competitions that you will have to deal with over the World Wide Web, SEO can guarantee that amidst the stiff competition, your business will be recognized by your target audience.

The art of visitor conversion: SEO can effectively produce the most relevant traffic to your website which will be easier for your business to convert that ordinary web visitor to a willing to buy client.

The monetary rewards – better ROI (Return on investments): as traffic is drawn to your site and as the conversion rate goes higher, there will only be one result to expect for and that is the higher return on investment or ROI plus the generation of much increased sales, considering following example:

You opt to get visitor via PPC with $1 per click, so to receive 300 visitors per day, you have to pay $300, $9000 per month, $108,000 per year but with SEO usually you’d need to make a onetime investment for lifetime with consistent flow of traffic.

The cost-effectiveness of SEO: SEO is more effective than any other marketing strategies as it can always generate better quality traffic. It has long-term effects that will definitely bring more value to every amount that you have spent for it and the fool-proof results has its basis as it allows you to see measurable results thru the search engine rankings and visitor conversion.

Search Engine Optimization may seem to take so much of your time and effort but with the long term profits you are going to receive, it is definitely worth the effort, hard work and dedication to modify your website as at the end your website will be placed on top of all major search engines and receive a lot more FREE quality traffic which mean more sales and money!


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